Friday, October 10, 2014

What is a Franchise Exposition?

A franchise exposition is an event that’s designed to make it easy for potential franchisees to visit with multiple franchisors and get a better idea of the different types of opportunities that are available. Although it’s definitely possible to choose a franchise without ever attending an exposition, many people have some form of interest in this type of event.

If you’re thinking about visiting an exposition, it’s important to know some basic guidelines. The first thing to be aware of is that you will come into contact with franchises that are extremely aggressive about recruiting new owners. While there may be a valid reason for a franchise sales rep to act this way, it’s often a sign that the franchise may not have a very appealing opportunity to pitch.

What to Keep in Mind If You Go to a Franchise Exposition

You may ultimately decide that going to this type of event is the right choice for you. If that turns out to be the case, you need to know in advance how much you can afford to invest in a franchise. Knowing your number before arriving will prevent you from wasting time looking at a franchise that’s ultimately not the right fit for your financial situation.

Before you ever step foot inside a franchise expo, it’s also worth thinking about the type of business you want to own. Since franchise events can be very large, knowing where you want to focus your attention can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or distracted.

Another benefit of mentally narrowing down your search in advance is it will give you an easy way to compare different opportunities to each other. This will help you establish a baseline for what you want and expect, as well as potentially unveil the perfect business for you.

When you’re interacting with a franchise in this type of environment, don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions. From how long the franchisor has been in business to what their costs are for being an owner, there’s no reason to hold back. Since this event is specifically designed to connect potential franchisees and franchisors, if you encounter a franchise that’s hesitant to get into details about their business, it’s a clear indication that they’re not the opportunity that’s going to help you secure a great financial future.

Attending a Franchise Exposition Isn’t a Requirement

Even though there are good things that can be said about an exposition and at least a handful of reasons why someone may ultimately attend one, it’s worth repeating that going to this type of event isn’t a requirement for finding the ideal franchise. In fact, since not being in that environment can reduce the likelihood of rushing your decision, taking the time to research and evaluate opportunities on your own may ultimately be what’s in your best interest.

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The Franchise Selection Quiz: All The Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Not all franchises present the same opportunity. But even for franchises that present a compelling opportunity, it’s not an automatic guarantee that an individual is going to be a successful owner. In order for a franchise owner to flourish, it’s crucial that they bring the right traits to the table.

Before you can get serious about selecting the franchise that’s best for you, it’s vital to take a long look at your own skills. Once you have a complete assessment of yourself, you’ll be able to determine if a specific franchise you’re evaluating is truly a good fit.

To help you go through the process of evaluating yourself, we’ve put together a quiz that’s divided into three main categories:

What’s Your Financial Situation?

The first set of questions you need to ask yourself is related to money. Specifically, how much you can invest, the amount you’re comfortable losing and if you’re making this investment by yourself. It’s also important to determine if you’re going to need any type of financing. If you determine that you will need financing, where’s it going to come from? Two other questions worth answering are if your credit is good, and how you plan to support yourself during the startup stage of your franchise.

What’s Your Specific Skillset?

The second set of questions has to do with the skills you’ve developed over the course of your professional life. It’s worth making a detailed list of the technical experience you’ve accumulated, as well as the specific skills you’ve used most often. The same goes for taking stock of the education you’ve had. That should include professional training.

Another area where you should spend some time thinking in-depth is what kind of management and leadership experience you’ve developed. If you’ve previously owned a business, that’s a major factor that should influence which franchise you choose. While you’re going to need to be actively involved, this type of advanced experience means you will likely want a franchise that puts you in a similar role.

What Are Your Goals?

The last set of questions is centered around the goals you have for your business. The first thing you need to ask yourself is if there’s a specific annual income you want to reach. Second, think about if there are one or more specific fields that appeal to you the most. Third, ask yourself how many hours you want to work each week. As part of this same question, it’s important to visualize the type of lifestyle you want to create for yourself. Another related question is how long you picture yourself running the same business. Finally, consider whether you want to stick with one location, or have aspirations to expand to multiple areas.

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What Benefits and Responsibilities Go Along with Franchise Ownership?

Investing in a franchise gives you the opportunity to become a business owner. While investing in a franchise isn’t the only way to become a business owner, there are several key advantages to taking this approach. The first major advantage is you get to use the name of an established brand. Since plenty of businesses have spent millions of dollars trying to build a strong brand and failed to reach their goals, being able to legally use an established brand’s name and other assets is significant.

The second big advantage that a franchise provides is a proven model to follow. A common misconception among new entrepreneurs is in order to be successful, you need to blaze a new path. While there are famous examples like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs who have succeed with that approach, the majority of people who try to do something completely new end up failing.

The best way to minimize the risk associated with a new business is to follow a proven model. By becoming part of a franchise, you will get access to every detail of the organization’s model. This makes it possible to avoid many of the pitfalls that commonly derail or even destroy new businesses.

Another crucial advantage provided by the franchise model is ongoing access to support. When someone starts a business on their own, it’s up to them to figure out what to do when they encounter a challenge. But with the franchise model, you’ll have access to other owners who have gone through the same process as you and know exactly what needs to be done in order to succeed.

Understanding the Realities of Franchise Ownership

Because a franchise is a business, it’s not a magical solution to build a lucrative income stream. However, for owners with the right financial resources and skills, it’s the perfect way to maximize the ROI of everything they invest into their business.

When you’re evaluating a potential franchise opportunity, you need to find out the initial investment that’s required. It’s also important to find out what other expenses you will be responsible for in order to get started. On top of that, you need to know if there are any continuing royalty payments, as well as if you will need to make financial contributions to a franchise-wide advertising fund.

In addition to being aware of your upfront and ongoing costs, it’s also important to know what kind of controls will be in place for your franchise. Site approval, design and appearance standards, sale restrictions, operational requirements, and territory limitations are all issues you need to find out about during your evaluation of a potential franchise. While these limitations can actually be beneficial to your business, what’s important is knowing if they will apply to your daily experience running the business.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Proven Tips to Succeed in the Franchise Business

If you're at a point in your life where you're ready to become a business owner, choosing to buy a franchise is a great step towards ensuring success for yourself. Although there will always be risk involved in starting a business, a franchise gives you the advantage of getting to start with a proven model and system.

From marketing to training to branding, a franchise takes care of a lot of the things that you would otherwise have to figure out from scratch if you were starting a different kind of business. Since what different franchise opportunities have to offer varies greatly, here are some proven tips for finding success with this kind of business:

Choose a Franchise That Fits Your Skills

For most people, the right time to become a franchise owner comes later in their career. Not only does starting a franchise after already being established as a professional provide more financial stability, but it also means that you're going to bring the skills you've developed over your career to the table.

Since different franchises require different sets of skills, it's important to focus on finding one that's complementary to the skills you've acquired over the course of your career. Doing this will allow you to really thrive in your role as a franchise owner.

Don't Hesitate to Ask for Help

Being a franchise owner means you get to enjoy a level of independence that's simply not possible as an employee. However, that doesn't mean you want to operate as a lone wolf. Since support is a big selling point for becoming part of a franchise, don't hesitate to take advantage of that benefit whenever you need it.

Opt for an Industry You Find Appealing

Unlike matching a franchise opportunity to your skill set, being successful with this type of business doesn't necessarily require having a background in the same industry. The big caveat to that is you don't want to enter an industry you don't enjoy at all. Since you will be involved in the operations on a daily basis, be sure to choose an industry where you're going to be excited to operate.

Stay on Top of Your Numbers

If you consider accounting one of your strengths, don't allow yourself to get lazy in terms of staying on top of your numbers. And if you consider this area one of your weaknesses, you need to find someone who can help you be sure that you know exactly how well your franchise is doing.

Build an Active Network with Other Franchisees

What's great about being part of a franchise operation is there are other owners in the exact same position as you. Since these owners aren't competing with you, make a point of communicating with them on a regular basis. This will allow you to gain some truly valuable insights.

By choosing a franchise that fits your skills, asking for help whenever you need it, opting for an industry you find appealing, staying on top of your numbers and regularly communicating with other franchisees, you will fully optimize the experience you have as a franchise owner.

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