Saturday, July 26, 2014

Handyman Home Repair Business: Senior Citizens Offer a Big Opportunity

It's become quite common for seniors to live a significant distance from their children. So even though older parents may have a very good relationship with their children, that doesn't mean their kids are available to help with the daily challenges a senior may encounter.

Because adult children are aware that their parents are going to face some obstacles, they may worry about their parents living on their own. This concern can lead to them having a desire for their parents to move to some type of facility that provides living assistance.

And even though seniors can understand why their kids have worries, the majority don't want to leave their home. Since seniors' desire to stay in their current home is so strong, a large number are looking for solutions that will do exactly that. For handyman home repair businesses, this presents two big opportunities:

Aging in Place Solutions

When adult children worry about their senior parents' home safety, there's actually a very good reason for this concern. To the surprise of many, a senior's home is the place where they're most likely to suffer a serious fall. Not only is falling a big concern for seniors, but there are also other issues that can create challenges for seniors on a daily basis.

The good news for children, seniors and home repair business owners is there are numerous aging in place solutions to create a much safer home environment. Additions like grab bars can make bathrooms significantly safer, while modified hardware can be put on kitchen cabinets so it's less physically demanding for a senior to access what they need.

Since there are so many solutions, it's common for families to want a home improvement professional to do an evaluation of their home so they can see exactly which areas present the biggest issues and decide the specific solutions they want to pursue.

Taking Care of Home Repairs and Maintenance

In addition to safety, the other challenging part for seniors who own their home is keeping it in good shape. While most seniors have a significant amount of time, the physical demands of home repairs and maintenance often mean they simply aren't able to handle these tasks. For a handyman business, this translates into a great opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with customers.

House Doctors Can Help You Tap Into This Growing Market

While it's easy to see why this market is a ripe opportunity for handyman businesses, that doesn't mean it's easy to access. In order for a home repair business to win seniors as customers, they need to demonstrate that they not only understand what seniors need, but can also be trusted to get the work done correctly at a fair price.

Because House Doctors already has a lot of experience in this market, we're able to help our franchisees fully tap into it. So if you've been thinking about entering the home repair industry and are especially interested in fully tapping the potential of the senior market, call us at 1-888-598-5297 to learn more about exactly what a House Doctors franchise has to offer. Or click the button below to find out more: 

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Home Service Franchise: 5 Reasons It's So Appealing

If you've been researching business opportunities and have come across a home service franchise business, you may be wondering what exactly makes this so appealing. To answer that question, let's take a look at five different reasons right now:

Better Access to Financing

You're probably aware that it can be quite challenging for new business owners to access any type of financing. And even though going the franchising route isn't a guarantee that you'll be able to get exactly the type of financing you want, having a reputable brand behind you will put you in a more favorable position.

Start Out Ahead

A franchise isn't some type of get rich solution. In order to be successful, you still have to put in the work. That being said, a big advantage of a franchise system is you can be confident that the work you're putting in is going towards the right efforts. While starting a business from scratch means learning through a lot of trial and error, a franchise eliminates those requirements and puts you on a faster track to success.

Have a Proven System to Follow

A big part of why a franchise allows you to get a head-start is because of the system you'll be following. Since the model for the business has been proven multiple times, you'll have guidance for everything from hiring to marketing. Being able to follow a franchise system is so powerful that people have actually turned it into an acronym that stands for Save Yourself Substantial Time, Energy, and Money.

Pooled Resources Equal Lower Costs for You

How much would it cost for you to get something like a call center up and running on your own? As you may have guessed, the answer is a lot. That's also the answer for many other things like a large advertising campaign. Another really compelling benefit of a franchise is you don't have to take those types of costs on by yourself. Instead, they're spread out over the entire pool of franchise owners.

Ability to Focus on Running and Growing Your Business

A common reason that people want to start their own business is so that they have more control over their time. And while that's a reasonable desire, as most quickly find out, starting a business from scratch means they're far more busy than they ever were as an employee. In fact, there are often so many things that need to be done that it can be difficult to focus on actually running and growing your business.

Because a franchise doesn't require you to start from nothing, many of the tasks that bog down other new owners will already be done. So instead of getting overwhelmed by "busywork," you'll be able to focus your energy and attention on actually growing your franchised business.

Since it's easy to see just how much a proven franchise can provide to new owners, if you'd like to learn more about the home service repair business opportunity that House Doctors has to offer, give us a call at 1-888-598-5297. Or contact us via the button below:

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Home Improvement Business Opportunities: Is One Right for You?

If you're at a point in your life where it makes sense to start your own business, one opportunity you may be considering is a home improvement franchise. Not only does this type of business have a proven track record, but the home improvement industry is still on pace for even more growth. With increased demand for services like aging in place, the future looks quite bright for those that have the right system and resources to provide excellent service to customers.

One of the best ways to get the right system and resources is to purchase a franchise. By going this route, you will have access to so much that simply wouldn't be available if you were trying to start your own business from scratch. Since you may have quite a few questions about what exactly a franchise can do to help you succeed, let's take a look at some of the key reasons this type of business opportunity is so appealing:

Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

The majority of small businesses fail within just a few years. While some industries have higher failure rates than other, statistics show that getting a business up and running is an uphill battle. Even though a franchise doesn't eliminate the hard work that's required for a business to be successful, franchises are five times more likely than other types of small businesses to still be running after ten years.

Know Exactly What You're Committing To

Anyone who's starting a business on their own knows the importance of doing their research before they start making any investments. However, regardless of how much research you do for a non-franchise business, there's still no way to know with 100% certainty exactly how everything is going to go. With a franchise, you have much more certainty thanks to the amount of detailed information that franchisors are required to supply. From its audited financial statements to the phone numbers of current franchise owners, you'll have everything you could possibly need to know if this business opportunity is right for you.

Set Realistic Financial Expectations

While a lot of people who start their own business create a plan and a set of financial projections, those projections are usually nothing more than semi-educated guesses. Because there are so many variables at play, it's very hard to come up with anything accurate. What's nice about a franchise is because more detailed and relevant financial information is available, it becomes possible to calculate a far more accurate ROI.

A Layer of Protection

Because the franchisor will have already taken steps to develop HR policies and other procedures, having access to this documentation is very useful for avoiding common obstacles that other new businesses run into.

Find Out If House Doctors is the Franchise for You

Now that you've seen some of the key benefits of a franchise, if you're interested in entering the home improvement market, House Doctors may be the ideal opportunity for your skills and goals. To find out more, give us a call at 1-888-598-5297. Or contact us by clicking the button below:

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Former Home Depot Manager Opens House Doctors Franchise

Daniel Zurbrigg is one of the newest franchisees to join our Network. A former Home Depot Manager, he recently opened a House Doctors handyman services franchise. Daniel who has built his own house and has a number of rental properties is building his team of skilled handymen who will offer professional home repair and improvement services to homeowners and commercial property owners in Naples, FL and surrounding areas.

Franchisee Wants To Control Own Financial Future

Daniel wanted to create his own financial success so he made the move from Home Depot Manger to House Doctors business owner. He started his business just last year and is already seeing great success. His customers service rating is in the top 10% of House Doctors franchises across the Nation already, and he is one of the fastest growing locations that House Doctors has had over the last few years.
Daniel believes that the professional House Doctors model is one of the reasons for his initial success. He has a live person answering the phone, his vans are wrapped, and his technicians are uniformed, insured and bonded as well as scheduled to turn up on time.

Franchisee Wants To Create A Better Lifestyle

Daniel, who is building a professional handyman and home improvement company in his community, is a family man and lifestyle was important to him when choosing a business to get involved in. The fact that House Doctors was an Executive Management Model that you could build income, equity and lifestyle with was one of the main reasons that Daniel chose the Brand and it has not disappointed so far. He enjoys the fact that House Doctors, in general, is a 9-5, 5 Day a Week business that gives him time at week-ends to enjoy with his family.