Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Franchises for Sale: What Factors Matter Most?

If you've evaluated different business opportunities and have decided that franchises are the right fit for your goals, you may be ready to move on to the stage of evaluating individual franchises. Since there can be a huge gap between what different franchises have to offer, it's important to put plenty of effort into your evaluations. In addition to resisting the temptation to rush this decision, it's also important to know what factors you should look at most carefully during your evaluation. If you're ready to start narrowing down your list of options but aren't exactly sure what to base your decisions on, this post will guide you through the factors that matter most when it comes to franchises for sale.

A Proven Market

Evaluating any franchise starts with the market that it is in. The reason market is such an important factor is because it will decide upfront whether or not the business will be able to grow over the long-term. If a franchising operation is in a weak or declining market, even having everything else in order won't be enough for them to really thrive on a long-term basis. By doing your market research upfront, you'll be able to figure out if a franchise is in a space that's going to make sense for both your personal preferences and overall viability in terms of acquiring new customers.

Franchises for Sale: Make Sure They Support Their Franchisees

Once you've narrowed your selection of franchises for sale down to a handful of markets, it's time to begin looking at the individual options within those spaces. This phase of the process is where you will want to carefully evaluate some very specific factors. The first group of factors is what a franchisor does to help new owners get started. The second group of factors is about what kind of ongoing resources and support franchisees have access to. Finally, you'll want to get insight into the franchisor's general attitude towards individual owners, as well as what kind of view the operation has for the long-term. Although it will take some time to pull all this information together, you should be able to get it all through a combination of research, direct requests and speaking with current franchisees.

Get All The Information You Need

If you want to see for yourself what a franchise with all of these qualities looks like, House Doctors is the perfect option to put at the top of your evaluation list. To learn exactly why House Doctors is in an ideal market and all the benefits they have to offer to franchisees, give us a call today at 1-888-598-5297 to request all of our information.


The Biggest Franchise Opportunities for 2015

Although January 1st is technically just another day, the start of a new year provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the last 365 days, as well as think about what you want to accomplish during the next year and beyond. If you've already been thinking about this topic and have decided that you want to become a franchise owner, you've probably discovered that there's no shortage of franchise opportunities available.

However, you've probably also discovered that not all franchise opportunities are equal in terms of what they offer. Since becoming a franchisor can help a business grow, there are plenty of businesses that jump into this market without actually having the right opportunities and systems to offer to franchisees.

When it comes to choosing a franchise opportunity that's going to provide what you deserve for your investment, there are two factors that matter the most. The first factor is the franchise's market. A common issue is that businesses jump on a trend and then turn to franchising in order to cash out before the trend fizzles out. Since the goal of buying a franchise is to build a sustainable business, you want to ensure that the market demand is going to be just as strong (if not stronger) in five years than it is now.

The second factor is to choose a franchisor that has already proven that they know what it takes to succeed. Since the approach a franchisor takes to doing business will have a huge impact on whether or not their franchisees succeed, it's important to put a lot of thought into this decision.

What Franchise Opportunities Does the Home Repair & Improvement Market Offer?

Of all the markets for potential franchises, there are several key reasons that the home repair and improvement market is so appealing. The first is that 6 out of 10 homeowners have at least 7 projects on their home repair to-do list. The second is that multiple studies have found that the recent increase in the amount spent on remodeling is expected to continue trending upward. And because there are 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every single day, the demand for general home help and specialized services like aging in place upgrades is growing exponentially.

Work With A Team That Has a Proven Track Record of Success

If you want to work with a team that has already built successful businesses within the home repair and improvement market and is ready to bring on new business owners in different territories, House Doctors is the partner for you. To find out more about why we're a leader in this market and what we bring to the table for our franchisees, give us a call today at 1-888-598-5297 for all the details and information about this opportunity.


Businesses for Sale: Should You Choose a Franchise?

If you're at a point in your life where it makes sense to become a business owner, you have a lot of options. The first option is to start a business on your own. What's most appealing about this option is the potential satisfaction of knowing that you built something from the ground up. While that makes for a great story, there's an important caveat to this point.
Although the media loves to run stories about people who have built successful businesses from scratch, those stories overlook the fact that for every person who's successful, there are hundreds or even thousands of people who weren't able to build the business they wanted. The reason that building a successful business is so hard is because there's so much that has to get done.

From making sure there's a large enough market for the business to properly marketing it to dealing with training new employees, business owners are constantly juggling a dozen different things at the same time. And while there are plenty of people who are willing to put in that type of work, the big challenge with starting from scratch is you're basically trying to navigate down a path with nothing more than a map that's fuzzy and hard to read.

Businesses for Sale Offer a Better Way to Get Started

The second option for becoming a business owner is to buy an established business. The advantage of this approach is you eliminate many of the obstacles that come with starting a business from scratch. Since you'll have an opportunity to carefully evaluate the current financials, you will be able to confirm that there is adequate demand for the business. You'll also benefit from already having an infrastructure in place.

While buying a business can be an attractive proposition, it's still not perfect. The main challenge that comes with this option is the lack of ongoing support. Once the deal closes and you become the owner, there's still a lot that you're going to have to figure out on your own.

The major benefit of having ongoing support is why the third option for becoming a business owner is so appealing. That option is to buy a franchise. By opting for a business that's not only for sale, but also has a franchise system in place, you will gain access to everything you need in order to launch and grow your business.

From marketing systems to training support, buying into a franchise gives you the opportunity to become part of a proven team. And because you'll be able to exchange ideas with other franchise owners who are in the same position as you but not competing against you, any obstacle you come across will be far easier to resolve than if you were trying to do everything on your own.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

What is a Franchise Exposition?

A franchise exposition is an event that’s designed to make it easy for potential franchisees to visit with multiple franchisors and get a better idea of the different types of opportunities that are available. Although it’s definitely possible to choose a franchise without ever attending an exposition, many people have some form of interest in this type of event.

If you’re thinking about visiting an exposition, it’s important to know some basic guidelines. The first thing to be aware of is that you will come into contact with franchises that are extremely aggressive about recruiting new owners. While there may be a valid reason for a franchise sales rep to act this way, it’s often a sign that the franchise may not have a very appealing opportunity to pitch.

What to Keep in Mind If You Go to a Franchise Exposition

You may ultimately decide that going to this type of event is the right choice for you. If that turns out to be the case, you need to know in advance how much you can afford to invest in a franchise. Knowing your number before arriving will prevent you from wasting time looking at a franchise that’s ultimately not the right fit for your financial situation.

Before you ever step foot inside a franchise expo, it’s also worth thinking about the type of business you want to own. Since franchise events can be very large, knowing where you want to focus your attention can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or distracted.

Another benefit of mentally narrowing down your search in advance is it will give you an easy way to compare different opportunities to each other. This will help you establish a baseline for what you want and expect, as well as potentially unveil the perfect business for you.

When you’re interacting with a franchise in this type of environment, don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions. From how long the franchisor has been in business to what their costs are for being an owner, there’s no reason to hold back. Since this event is specifically designed to connect potential franchisees and franchisors, if you encounter a franchise that’s hesitant to get into details about their business, it’s a clear indication that they’re not the opportunity that’s going to help you secure a great financial future.

Attending a Franchise Exposition Isn’t a Requirement

Even though there are good things that can be said about an exposition and at least a handful of reasons why someone may ultimately attend one, it’s worth repeating that going to this type of event isn’t a requirement for finding the ideal franchise. In fact, since not being in that environment can reduce the likelihood of rushing your decision, taking the time to research and evaluate opportunities on your own may ultimately be what’s in your best interest.

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