Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Small Business Owners Should Know About Marketing

A common misconception among future or brand new business owners is that creating a great product or service is enough to ensure success. While offering something of value is a great way to create happy customers, those customers aren’t going to find a business out of the blue.

In order for a business to successfully connect with customers who are going to be best served by the product or service the business has to offer, a successful marketing strategy needs to be implemented and executed. Although marketing may not initially seem like something that’s overly complicated, it usually doesn’t take long for business owners to discover the various challenges that this practice presents.

The Myth of Free Marketing

With the rise of channels like search engines and social media, there’s a prevalent myth about marketing that has continued to spread. That myth is the belief that there are many ways to effectively market a business for free. In reality, there’s no such thing as free marketing.

While plenty of businesses have found success by ranking well in Google or building a strong social media following, reaching those milestones isn’t something that’s without a cost. Even if a business owner decides to do everything themselves instead of paying others for help, there’s still a very real opportunity cost involved.

Finding the Right Demographic to Reach

Since marketing isn’t free, money or resources spent on this task need to be used in the most effective way possible. Countless businesses have learned that while certain channels may work for others, that doesn’t automatically guarantee that it will enable a business to get in front of the right audience.

In order to maximize marketing ROI, it’s vital to identify a highly focused demographic. Once this often challenging step is completed, different marketing channels can be evaluated to see if they’re the right fit for accomplishing a specific goal.

How to Fast Track Successful Marketing

When people start a business on their own, they generally have to learn about marketing through trial and error. While that works out for some businesses, it ends up putting others under. Although that may sound quite scary, the good news is there’s another way to ensure that marketing efforts are successful.

The way to accomplish that goal is by becoming a franchise owner. Because your franchise will be built on a model that’s already been proven, the trial and error phase is already done. Add to that the fact that the franchise route provides ongoing marketing support, and it’s easy to see why contacting House Doctors for more information about our franchise opportunity may be the best decision you make in 2015.

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Should You Start a Business in 2015?

Starting a business is a major commitment. As with life’s other big decisions, rushing into a new business is almost never something you should do. However, if you’ve been thinking about starting a business for awhile but haven’t gone through all of the steps to bring your plan to life, there are some key reasons why 2015 may be the ideal time for you to actually dive into the world of business. Here are several factors to keep in mind as you evaluate this decision:

Low Fuel Costs

Even in businesses that don’t directly employ drivers, fuel costs are a factor that can help a new business. Whether consumers are more willing to visit retail stores or thinking about other services to spend money on since gas is no longer crunching their monthly budget, this factor is definitely one that’s worth keeping in mind.

Potential Retirement and Tax Incentives

When it comes to planning your financial future, as well as the one for your business, it’s always best to seek professional guidance. With that in mind, potential tax credits and incentives for healthcare, energy investments and retirement planning are all topics that you should make a point of discussing in detail.

Generally Favorable Market Conditions

While there are success stories from people who started businesses when the economy was in the throes of the financial crisis, succeeding during that time was a huge uphill battle. Since it’s always wise to minimize as much risk as possible, the good news is that the economy’s outlook for 2015 and beyond is much brighter than it was as recently as five years ago. Whether you’re thinking in terms of access to capital or another factor, a favorable economy is definitely a big win for starting a business.

Put Your Business on a Proven Path

As anyone who already runs a business will tell you, deciding to start a business in 2015 will bring you lots of new challenges. But with those challenges will come lots of new opportunities. And even though starting a new business will always include obstacles, that doesn’t mean you have to start from a blank slate.

If you want the business you start to be on a proven path from the very beginning, franchising is the model for you to consider. By becoming a House Doctors owner, you’ll be operating with a business model that’s been proven time and time again across the United States. Not only will this provide a solid foundation, but you’ll also have support for everything from marketing to training as your business grows.

For more information about House Doctors and what we have to offer to franchise owners, you can read through our site and then email us for even more information.

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The Strong Outlook for Franchises in 2015

For the last four years, the rate at which franchises have grown and created new jobs has been faster than the rest of the economy. Based on recently published research, that trend will continue in 2015. Since growing faster than the rest of the economy for five straight years is no small feat, a lot of people want to know what the secret sauce of franchising is that has allowed it to continue performing so well.

Understanding the Basics of Franchising

During the course of 2015, franchising is slated to contribute around 3% to the total GDP of the United States. That marks a projected increase of 5.1% for the franchise sector’s contribution to GDP. Given that franchising includes owners that range from local operators to veterans, it’s easy to understand why franchising is something that’s frequently (and rightfully) touted as an American success story.

Not only does this practice empower people from all walks of life to become business owners, but those owners are also creating new jobs at a very impressive rate. In December 2014 alone, the franchise industry was responsible for creating 38,000 new jobs in the US! Over the course of 2015, projections put the number of new jobs created by this industry at slightly less than 250,000. 65% of the employees working for franchises are in the food and hospitality industry, while 29% are employed by a franchise in the services sector (including commercial and residential services).

Potential Franchise Challenges in 2015

Although the 2015 outlook for franchises is very bright, this sector couldn’t be considered part of the business world if there weren’t at least a few potential challenges that need to be addressed. The first challenge is that franchises have been put on the fast track to increase minimum wage employees’ rate in certain states and cities.

Another challenge is dealing with changing definitions of full-time employees. Specifically, most franchises believe that full-time employment should be defined as 40 hours a week instead of its current definition of 30 hours under the Affordable Care Act.

While these challenges may require creative solutions, there’s nothing so major that it will stand in the way of the franchise sector having another banner year in 2015.

How to Get Involved in This Very Exciting Sector

If you want to be involved in an industry with proven and consistent growth, you should take a long look at what House Doctors has to offer to professionals who decide to become franchise owners. Once you’ve had a chance to learn a little more about House Doctors, please contact us if the franchise opportunity we offer seems like a perfect fit with your skills and goals.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Home Handyman Business Opportunities

If you're a professional who's ready to take the next step on the long-term path to true financial stability and freedom, you may be busy evaluating all of the different business opportunities that are out in the world. As you may have already discovered on your own, having a great set of business skills doesn't necessarily mean that you want to start a business from scratch.

Given the fact that the five or ten year success rate for new businesses isn't great, it's important to give yourself every possible advantage. One of the best ways to get on the right track is to become a franchise owner. While becoming a franchisee means that you will be a business owner, it also means that you won't have to worry about running into a long list of obstacles.

There are two big reasons you'll be able to avoid so many obstacles. The first is because you won't have to worry about figuring out which approach to running your business is going to work best. Instead, you'll be able to follow a model that has already been proven. And the second reason is you won't be going through your journey as a business owner alone. Instead, you'll have a network of successful franchisees who can provide support whenever you need it.

What Makes a Great Franchise Owner?

One important trait of a great franchise owner is a desire to succeed. Another is a willingness to trust in a model that's been proven. It's also important for a franchise owner to want to focus their talents on managing others. And an excellent franchise owner also needs to truly believe that customer service is the lifeblood of their business. If everything we covered above accurately describes you, it means that the right franchise will be able to help you thrive.

How to Evaluate Home Handyman Business Opportunities

While the home handyman industry continues to enjoy impressive growth, that doesn't mean you want to commit to just any franchise. In order to put yourself in the best position, you need to be part of a franchise that's going to help you thrive. This means a franchise should provide you with everything from marketing to training to a clear model for converting incoming leads.

When it comes to evaluating different home handyman business opportunities, the best way to get started is by reviewing all of their relevant information. Then when you find a specific opportunity that looks like a great fit, you can begin the next research steps, which include speaking with current franchisees.

The easiest way to review everything you need to know about House Doctors is by calling us at 1-888-598-5297 and requesting an information packet.


Repair Franchise Outlook for 2015 and Beyond

If you've decided that 2015 is going to be the year when you take control of your profession and financial future by starting your own business, there are a lot of different industries to consider. When it comes to choosing an appealing industry, there are a few different factors to think about. Not only do you want an industry where you will enjoy interacting with customers and other professionals, but you also want one that's going to continue to grow.

Based on the current repair franchise outlook for 2015 and beyond, making the decision to start a home repair and remodeling business will meet both of those criteria. Because homeowners want to make smart investments in their houses, they're very appreciative of home professionals that do a great job and can build long-term relationships with. The other factor that makes this industry so appealing for a new business is the increasing demand for several key services.

5 Areas Where Repair Franchise Service Demand is Growing

Now that the housing and other financial markets have made a strong recovery from 2008, the demand for multiple home repair and improvement services is growing faster than ever. The first of those services is aging in place. Although it's a little mind boggling to think about, ten thousand people are turning 65 every day. Because baby boomers are expected to have a long lifespan, a huge number of them are looking for ways to stay comfortable and safe in their own homes. Aging in place upgrades provide exactly what seniors need to remain independent.

Fixing to stay is the second area seeing major growth. Since moving can be a major hassle and expense, more people are opting to upgrade their existing home so they can continue to enjoy living in it. The third area of growth surrounds busy families. Given the fact that families of all ages have more responsibilities than ever, many are very willing to save time by paying for professional help.

Green energy is the fourth area that's driving the great outlook for repair franchises. Not only do homeowners want to do their part to help the environment, but they realize that going green is a great way to cut monthly costs. Last but certainly not least are general home improvements. Whether it's for personal enjoyment or to add value before selling, a large percentage of homeowners want to make smart investments in their houses.

How to Benefit from This Positive Repair Franchise Outlook

If you're excited by the strong repair franchise outlook for 2015 and beyond, the best way to personally benefit is by starting your own business. Call House Doctors today at 1-888-598-5297 to learn more about how we can help you become a successful franchise owner.